Waste It On Something Useful

Well, I'm right here to tell you, 
mister, ain't *nobody* going to push 
me off *my* land! Grampa took up 
this land seventy years ago. My pa 
was born here. We was *all* born on 
it, and some of us got killed on it, 
and some died on it. And that's what 
makes it ourn--bein' born on it, and 
workin' it, and dyin' on it--and not 
no piece of paper with writin' on 
it! So just come on and try to push 
me off!

Muley Graves, played by John QUALEN, in The Grapes of Wrath (John FORD, 1940)

Cinematography by Gregg TOLAND. Screenplay by Nunnally JOHNSON, based on the novel by John STEINBECK.

(Source: dailyscript.com)

  • 26 December 2011
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